Lessons My Dogs Have Taught Me

When choosing how to best populate this blog with valuable, interesting and uplifting information, I decided to look back into the old, dusty file folders on my computer. I found this gem.

The messages below grew from the relationships I had with my first many dogs, all of which (except for two) I brought into my life before I met my husband, Robert. These dogs supported me in my early adulthood – granting me the courage to forge my own path, fly solo and accomplish many noteworthy endeavors.

Throughout my life, dogs have been my teachers. Each one has been a matchless individual. In their own way, my cherished four-legged companions have helped me to understand lessons about taking the time to relish joy, recognize loyalty, practice forgiveness and even appreciate how to walk through the pain of losing someone far too soon. They have inspired me to become a better version of myself.

I have been known to proclaim that the lifespan difference between dogs and humans is one of the greatest injustices of Nature. That truth cannot be more searing than when I reminisce about my former canine companions. I miss them. I am grateful for the time they graced my presence on this Earth.

Trying hard is as important as achieving the goal.

Hanging out together is just as fun as earning pretty trophies.

Forgiveness is the greatest gift a friend can offer.

Run as fast as you can whenever you can just to feel the wind in your hair.

Knowing true loyalty is both an honor and an exceptionally humbling experience.

Perfection is not as important as the heart with which you perform the job.

Life is way too short…it really is.

Taking time to get to know someone in their later years is worth the effort.

There is no better reason to be joyous than the mere fact that you exist.

Those qualities that one  judges as weakness may, in fact, be a person’s greatest strength.

The partner you choose to accompany you can make your journey a complete catastrophe or an  awe-inspiring achievement.

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