Month: January 2020

Today’s Thought

Message #2 of Eight Minutes of Advice

This is Chapter Two of my book-in-process, Eight Minutes of Advice. If you have not read the the Prologue and Chapter One, click here. At the bottom of that post is a link back to this page. Message # 2 There is nothing to… Continue Reading “Message #2 of Eight Minutes of Advice”

Crazy-Ass isn’t a personality trait

For years, as a professional dog trainer, I have found it curious that clients seem to hold back describing the depth of their dog’s behavioral issues.  It is as if they don’t want to say something bad about their cherished family member.  And yet,… Continue Reading “Crazy-Ass isn’t a personality trait”


I have a half dozen writing projects waiting to be completed. One is especially well formatted for a blog. Each chapter is a stand-alone thought yet part of a greater collective – which is destined to become a book. I have decided to use… Continue Reading “EIGHT MINUTES OF ADVICE”

Higher Ranking

I speak in analogies and metaphors, especially when working with my clients.  They are people who have dogs and have solicited our advice and assistance training them. If we are going to ask dogs, a wholly unique species, to cohabitate with us and expect… Continue Reading “Higher Ranking”

My happiness – dogs all about.

My cell phone died, so I had to get a new one. Here, I’m checking out the camera on my new phone using some of my favorite models. I do most of my photography with an SLR digital camera, but sometimes the only thing… Continue Reading “My happiness – dogs all about.”

Our Green Mile

The photo above was taken on the third of June a couple of years ago. It had been a very wet, rainy spring. That meant that grasses grew well, but the farmers struggled to get their crops in the ground. The first cutting of… Continue Reading “Our Green Mile”

Say Cheese!

Robert and I are accustomed to taking photos of dogs. I create a custom ID for each dog that comes for Service Dog training. It’s a standard “head-shot” and usually takes just a couple of minutes to get a good shot. Sometimes, we need… Continue Reading “Say Cheese!”


It took courage and faith for my now husband Robert to come live with me in southern Wisconsin.  It was a long, twelve hours away from his home in Joplin, Missouri.  He didn’t know if the love would last.  He didn’t have a job. … Continue Reading “Cheese-heads”

What breed of dog wants you?

I recently did a search for “what is the right breed of dog for me?” Topping the list were a few dog food companies’ sites that offer a Breed Selector designed to help match an individual with the perfect pooch.  The first one I… Continue Reading “What breed of dog wants you?”