Our Green Mile

The photo above was taken on the third of June a couple of years ago. It had been a very wet, rainy spring. That meant that grasses grew well, but the farmers struggled to get their crops in the ground. The first cutting of hay was in progress on our farm. You can see the large bales populating the fields around our new house on the right. We don’t routinely cut around the pond, so it appears deeper green. The field in the center has been cut, but not yet raked. The field on the left hasn’t yet been cut. And yet, all of the land around us was still barren and gray. Oh, and we own one acre across the street from the old house (top) because it was customary in our county to give farmers the acre across from the house so that no one could build there. Cool custom. It’s green because it’s surrounded by matures trees and we mow it.

I refer to our place as the green mile. If you walk the perimeter of our 50 acres, you will have walked a about a mile. It’s alive all year long. While we cut hay twice a year (which is actually beneficial to maintain prairie grasses), it tends to be early and then not again until September, after the birds have fledged their young. There are many native species that exist in and around open prairies. We are fortune to have the opportunity to enjoy the songs of birds that use our open meadows and the mature trees that surround them to raise their broods.

I am not saying that cash crop agriculture doesn’t feed the world, or that it isn’t economically important. I just feel incredibly grateful that we can live on our little, green mile and reap all of tranquil benefits from doing do.

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