Month: February 2020


Ten days ago I thought my Border collie, Truman would be gone before his 12th birthday which was just a few days later.  On Thursday, he was acting normal – well, it was normal for an older guy with a few health issues.  On… Continue Reading “Buoyancy”


This is Chapter Nine of my book-in-process, Eight Minutes of Advice. If you have not read the the Prologue and Chapter One, click here. At the bottom of that post is a link back to this page. At least once in your life immerse… Continue Reading “MESSAGE #9 of EIGHT MINUTES of ADVICE”

Getting Stronger

Today, I did more than yesterday. Today, I lifted five pounds directly overhead with my left arm – fifteen times.  Until today, I had only complete ten reps with the five pounder.  With that same arm I moved a four pound weight from my… Continue Reading “Getting Stronger”