Getting Stronger

Today, I did more than yesterday.

Today, I lifted five pounds directly overhead with my left arm – fifteen times.  Until today, I had only complete ten reps with the five pounder.  With that same arm I moved a four pound weight from my outside hip, across my stomach, upwards and outwards overhead, then dropped it down to my shoulder (as if carrying a tray of food on my shoulder).  I did that movement fifteen times.  Two weeks ago, I struggled doing the same with a three pound weight.  That might not seem astonishing, unless you know that I’m nearly sixty years old and I had a total shoulder replacement surgery on that arm on July 29, 2019.

Today, I did fifteen reps each of six different arm curl positions (including straight out to my sides) while holding a six pound weight in that same left arm, and a three pound weight in my right hand.   I had a second total shoulder replacement surgery on my right arm on October 30, 2019.   That was just sixteen weeks ago.

Today, I jogged in place in my therapy pool.  I was wearing a four pound weight on each ankle, a four pound weight in my left hand and a two pound weight in my right hand.  Up until today, I had used a three pound weight in my left arm.  For the first 200 steps I swung the hand weights down at my sides in typical jogging arm movements.  For the second 200 steps, I pumped my arms directly out in front of me, with the backs of my hands facing upwards. For the third 200 steps, I bent forward, held my elbows in place and swung the hand weights backwards then down to my side.  And, for the forth 200 steps, I punched the weights directly in front of me, with the dumbbell ends facing upwards.  Then, I repeated those four arm swinging positions – 200 reps each.  That’s 1600 steps. It took me about 17 minutes to complete. That is a little over a half second per arm swing/ leg lift.  Two days ago, I completed 1400 steps, last week I accomplished 1000. 

In the relative stillness I cheer myself.  Then, Lucy the Blue Fronted Parrot asks, “Whatcha doin’?”

I am getting stronger.

This is am image of our therapy pool and my workout items lined up on the edge.
Our Umbrella Cockatoo, Rocky, Blue Fronted Amazon parrot, Lucy and our Half-moon conure, Frankie, enjoy the warm, humid environment, and I enjoy their chatter while I am working out.

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