Hydroponics – Day 2

Project One – Countertop Sprouts

I chose to do the first rinse before bed, so the primary soak lasted about eight hours. I hope that was long enough. Waiting until morning would have been over fifteen hours, so I made a decision. I can’t say whether it was right. At least not yet.

I poured off the soak water through the perforated, plastic tops then added fresh water. Rinse. Repeat. Next, the instructions said to invert the bottles onto their lids and allow to fully drain for fifteen minutes. Done.

The last step was to shake and roll the bottles to distribute the seeds so they would not clump. They were left on the countertop for the night.

This morning I added water, rinsed, then drained with the lid side down for fifteen minutes. Next, I redistributed the seeds by shaking gently and rolling the jars.

This is how the jars are stored after the first, eight hour long soak.
Here you can see the detail of the Masontop Bean Screen lid on the left. In the center, if you look carefully, you can see tiny white specs on the Alfalfa seeds – evidence that they are sprouting.

Project Two – Hydroponic Greens

Wow. The tiny lettuce and arugula seeds have sprouted over night. Look closely. The small white roots have emerged from the seeds. Yippie!

Except when taking these photos, I am leaving a paper towel over this box to reduce the light.

I’m excited. I see progress in both varieties of lettuce and the alfalfa seeds. I am a bit worried that the mung beans may have required a longer initial soak because they seemed quite dry this morning. Time will tell.

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