Public Access Training

The Service Dog Public Access Test

At the conclusion of a dog’s training, the handler and dog may be evaluated using a Public Access Test. There are a number of elements which will test the dog and handler’s ability to negotiate public places, including a restaurant, a department store and an outdoor, park setting.

The Leash Drop Exercise

In this exercise, the handler “inadvertently” drops the dog’s leash. The dog should not be alerted to the event. Rather, he should continue to remain in pace with his handler. In this video, the handler slows at a cross section of isles in the store and the dog matches her pace. The dog should stop when his handler comes to a halt, regardless of whether the handler is holding his lead, or not. The dog should remain relaxed at her side until she can retrieve the leash.

This is Mordecai, a dog we, at Committed Canine, are training to become a Service Dog for his young handler. The location is a large, active home improvement center.

Good Job, Mordecai!

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