Hydroponics – Day Three

Project One – Countertop Sprouts

“Houston, we have sprouts!” No, I don’t live in Texas. Just using that iconic phrase about “lift off!” This morning the alfalfa spouts were, well, SPROUTS! So awesome. I know there are millions of people out there that have been growing their own spouts for decades. I cultured my own yogurt back in 1984, too. But, I’ve never grown sprouts and it’s exciting.

This is how the alfalfa seeds appeared this morning, Day Three (which is really not a full three days because I set them up in the late afternoon of Day One.)
After adding water, rinsing and pouring it out, this is how the alfalfa spouts appear as the container is set vertical for draining. The lids that I purchased have little legs to hold the drainage holes up from the surface. The Mason jar remains in this position for an additional 15 minutes to get as much of the residual water out of the vessel.
Alfalfa spouts, back to horizontal position, after I rolled the jar to distribute them. I will rinse, drain and redistribute them again before bed.
Mung beans are a little slower than the alfalfa seeds. But, they are germinating. Here, I have rinsed them and they are standing on end to complete their 15 minutes of drainage time.
Mung beans redistributed and laying horizontal until the next rinse, this evening.

Project Two – Lettuce Greens

I’m germinating the arugula and leaf lettuce in rockwool cubes until their roots grow through the bottom of the cubes. Then, I will put them into 3 inch net pots and suspend them in Mason Jars in which I will add nutrient rich water. For now, I am just watching the little seeds grow.

Arugula (top six holes) and green oakleaf lettuce (bottom six) are developing. I’m going to get tweezers and try to position the seeds that ended up on top of hole two (from left) of the leaf lettuce into hole one that appears empty.

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