Hydroponics – Time To Eat!

Countertop Sprouts – DELICIOUS!

The alfalfa sprouts were ready to eat by dinner time on Day Five of their growth. I harvested about half of them from the jar by filling it to the top and allowing the loose hulls to flow over and out. Then, after draining, I pulled them out with a fork and let them sit on a few layers of paper towels for about 20 minutes. I left the remaining half in the jar to mature a bit more over night before harvesting them on Day Six (that’s today.)

Then, it was time for dinner. Robert ran to the store for some fresh ciabatta rolls and some deli meat. I stayed back and prepared the rest of the condiments.

I was drooling by the time he got home. I butter grilled the rolls, then assembled the sandwiches. Robert chose the hard salami, I make an Angus roast beef delight.

Hard salami, tomato, red onion, shallots, avocado spread, roasted red peppers and of course fresh, homegrown alfalfa sprouts on a toasted ciabatta bun!
Angus roast beef and all the fixings.
My rare roast beef with sprouts sandwich all put together.

Are you hungry, yet? I definitely would recommend growing your own countertop sprouts. With a total turn-around time of just five days, it’s worth the wait for the crunch and delicate flavor addition to salads and sandwiches.

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