Building a Nest

On March 27, 2020, I ventured out to the patio, again without a tripod and again on a cloudy day. Hence, these photos are not as clear as I would like. But, I couldn’t resist capturing some shots of the female Eastern Bluebird while they complete their courtship and move onto raising a family. The male tends to woo the female by identifying a suitable location to raise a brood. The female has the final say (birds, too!) Once she chooses the abode, it’s up to her to furnish the place. For E Bluebirds, that’s a nest of fine grasses, perfectly assembled to form a soft resting place for their 3-5 future eggs.

Here is a series of images that I captured as the future mama painstakingly arranged her nest and eventually got her hubby’s final approval.

Once the female begins building the nest, they will protect it against other species that attempt to steal their real estate. below, shows a House Sparrow (which is not an North American native – and can be quite invasive and have a negative effect on our native birds) flying into the Bluebird’s nest territory.

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