Month: April 2020

Kids Helping Their Parents?

The sun finally peered out after many days of gloom and rain, so I set out to take a few shots of the front yard nest box.  There was a cold wind from the north and I hoped I would be able to endure… Continue Reading “Kids Helping Their Parents?”

Gotta Love A Goldfinch

The Glint In Their Eyes

It’s been dreary and overcast for many days in a row. But, yesterday the sun came out. I took the opportunity to capture a few good photos of the wild birds that visit my yard. The Eastern Bluebird couple that has been making a… Continue Reading “The Glint In Their Eyes”

Bluebirds – New Couple?

For nearly two weeks, the Bluebird pair has been working diligently on selecting and building a nest in the white birch nest box on the south fence. You can see more on this activity here. Curiously, when I was filming the Purple Martins on… Continue Reading “Bluebirds – New Couple?”


Probably everyone who puts out a niger (thistle) seed feeder will attract Goldfinches. Their range extends from Mexico to Canada. But, despite their common occurrence, they are still delightful to see. I took these photos on April 6-7, 2020. Some of them appear to… Continue Reading “Goldfinches!”

Purple Martins

Last spring we put up a Purple Martin house and within a few days, we had tenants. These birds are social, and live together in colonies. The more the merrier is their mantra. Their song is a quite complicated chortle that, once you hear… Continue Reading “Purple Martins”