The Glint In Their Eyes

It’s been dreary and overcast for many days in a row. But, yesterday the sun came out. I took the opportunity to capture a few good photos of the wild birds that visit my yard.

The Eastern Bluebird couple that has been making a home in the white birch nest box on the south fence decided to check out the closest box to my office patio where I set up my camera. It allowed me to get some good shots of them both. I love when I can capture a glint in their eyes, and when it’s possible to see the details in their lovely feathers. The couple sat on the fence just near the “pond nest box” as I refer to it because it is nearby our koi pond. The male flitted down to the box, peered inside, then took a position next to his mate. She flew down to look inside, as well. That position puts the birds just about twenty feet from where I sat waiting to click the shutter.

The male checks out the nest box while his mate observes (upper right.)
Male Eastern Bluebird.
Male Eastern Bluebird.
The female E Bluebird flies to inspect the nest box, while her mate sits observing (upper right.)
Female E Bluebird.
Female E Bluebird.
Male E Bluebird perches on a shepherd’s crook bird feeder.
Minutes after he and his mate were examining the nest box near the office patio, he was back at the primary box he and his mate have built a nest in.

2 Comments on “The Glint In Their Eyes

  1. Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful pictures! I moved out to AZ 4 years ago, from Chicago area, and really miss the trees and birds of the Midwest. I enjoyed Blackwell Forest Preserves and West Branch F.P. where numerous Bluebirds were easily seen. Enjoy your yard!

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