Month: May 2020

Feather Bed

Once in a while, you get lucky. I did today when filming a pair of Tree Swallows that are incubating eggs in a nesting box in our yard. Tree Swallows nest in cavities, including those provided by humans. They often line their grass-based nest… Continue Reading “Feather Bed”

Singing Like A Lark

When you set up a Trail Cam, you never know what you might capture. This camera was focused on a Bluebird nest, but apparently an Eastern Meadowlark wanted to sing to the chicks inside.

Holy Crap!

I could title this short video as “Holy S*it,” “Great Mother,” “Tidy House,” or “Nose to Tail.” Regardless of how you see it, this is something you won’t be able to “un-see.”

Let’s Do It Again!

Tree Swallows are in the front yard box, again. This is the box that I posted about here: Back in April, we knew there were four eggs in the box, and I am fairly certain I observed the parents taking food into the… Continue Reading “Let’s Do It Again!”

Barn Swallows!!

We have always had Barn Swallows around, including those that made nests in our actual barn! Go figure. They also made nests under the eaves of our old house, our training building and here at our new house. But, the nests have never been… Continue Reading “Barn Swallows!!”

Trail Cam – Bluebirds

Below you will find trail cam videos of the Eastern Bluebird pair that is currently feeding their chicks. I acquired the trail cam to catch their fledglings leaving the nest. I sure hope we capture that! After an initial test of the still shot… Continue Reading “Trail Cam – Bluebirds”

Bluebirds in Action

I have had the opportunity to watch a pair of Eastern Bluebirds arrive in early Spring, select a nest box that we offered, build a nest, incubate and then feed their chicks. In fact, I have documented much of that activity in early blog… Continue Reading “Bluebirds in Action”

Hydroponics Update

Back in March I endeavored on my first counter-top hydroponics projects. I sprouted alfalfa and mung beans in jars. They were a success, as you can see the final results HERE. I also started arugula and lettuce seeds, first in trays and then I… Continue Reading “Hydroponics Update”

Worms & Grasshoppers for Lunch

The Eastern Bluebird pair that has built their nest in the birch-look nest box on our south fence are clearly feeding chicks. Here are some photos of the female and the male as they tend to their hungry brood.

The social Purple Martins

We have the “Red” house and the “Gourd Tower” erected on the south fence of my office patio yard. The Gourd Tower is new this year. Last year was our first attempt at attracting Purple Martins when we put up the Red House. It… Continue Reading “The social Purple Martins”