Trail Cam – Bluebirds

Below you will find trail cam videos of the Eastern Bluebird pair that is currently feeding their chicks. I acquired the trail cam to catch their fledglings leaving the nest. I sure hope we capture that!

After an initial test of the still shot + video setting, I decided to go with just video. The still shots are OK, but they are only what transpires in the first second or two. The video duration I had used for the test was just five seconds long. I increased that to 25 seconds. what I am not capturing is the birds flying in. Apparently they fly faster than the time it takes the camera to turn on once motion is detected. But, during the 25 seconds of filming, the second parents sometimes flies in. This is a smattering of various shots that seemed interesting to me.

File #0388 (you can see the stamp on each image) – what I found interesting here is that the male Bluebird feeds the chicks, then when he departs the nest opening, you can catch a glimpse of the chicks inside.

File # 0395 The female remains at the entrance until her mate flies in.

File # 416 Poop duty! The Trail Cam recorded many “diaper duty” shots of the female bird removing poop from the nest. I haven’t gone through all the clips, but the ones I have viewed show that poop duty seems to be a female task – at least for this pair.

File # 420 The female is feeding the chicks a fairly large worm.

File #385 What’s interesting here is that in the beginning of the clip a trio of Purple Martins flies over. Sometimes I think our backyard is a Grand Central Station of birds.

File #426 Poop duty.

File # 405 The parental switch. Most times, the 25 seconds only captures one bird, but on occasion, it recorded both parents as they constantly feed their chicks.

File #539. This is afternoon – the sound you hear is the lawn mower. Birds that hunt insects LOVE mowing day. There’s a lot more activity on those days because the shorter grass offers access to ground dwelling critters. Meadow Larks that usually stay outside the yard will come in for a snack. And the Eastern Kingbird, that spends time around the property (front and back yards), loves to hang out and hunt from the fence on mowing day. I am posting this file because the “in and out” are both captured in one clip.

File #513. I love this one. The male leaves the nest box, and flits to the fence where he spots an insect or worm on the ground. He flies down, nabs it, then flies back to the nest to feed the chicks.

File #527 I found a clip showing that the male, does indeed, clean up poop.

File #525 Not to be outdone, the female cleans up the nest.

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