Barn Swallows!!

We have always had Barn Swallows around, including those that made nests in our actual barn! Go figure. They also made nests under the eaves of our old house, our training building and here at our new house. But, the nests have never been easily accessible for me to observe.

One of my wishes for this season was to have a pair make their nest under the eaves of my office patio. I spend time there tending to the plants and watching the fish in the koi pond. The bird feeding station is at the end of the patio walk ramp. The Bluebirds and Tree Swallows also use nest boxes in the yard off my office patio and the Purple Martin houses at at the far end of that yard, too. I spend a lot of time on that patio and I enjoy watching the Barn Swallows swoop and dive over the hay fields that surround our yard. But, I hoped for a pair to take up residence where I could observe more closely, and possibly film them.

Do the Laws of Attraction apply here? I don’t know. But, I received my desire. After three seasons in our new house, a pair of Barn Swallows decided to raise their brood exactly where I fancied they would establish a nest. The office patio is well covered as the roof hangs over the gable six feet. It also faces East, which protects it from our typical summer storms that come in from the southwest.

It only took the swallows a few days to build their mud nest. I suspect they have eggs at this time, but we haven’t gone up to look. I purchased a selfie-stick (never thought I would say that!) so I could reach up and over the nest, but it’s too short and needs to be augmented. So, we put up a trail cam but it doesn’t see into the top of the nest.

Here are a couple of interesting clips that I pulled off the camera.

This first Trail Cam clip shows one bird flying over the the nest, the partner flying in and a “swap of duties” as it seems to me.

When Robert viewed this next clip (and many others that are similar) and we saw that one bird roosts close by the other that is on the nest, he said, “I can build a nice platform so that he doesn’t have to hold onto that little ridge!” I explained that they knew that was the situation when they selected the spot, and that it was probably not prudent to change things up on them, he held fast to his desire to make it more comfortable for the little birds! Personally, I wonder what they are vocalizing to each other when the second bird arrives. It’s as if he might be saying, “Only three mosquitoes and a moth for all that effort!”

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