Month: May 2020

Sing Me A Song

The Song Sparrow, a native species appears to be a plain, little brown bird. But, they are more than their boring appearance. Yesterday, a bird landed on the fence near the roses in my little garden. It was very nondescript. But, then it tilted… Continue Reading “Sing Me A Song”

Nest Building Tree Swallows

At the end of April, a Tree Swallow pair arrived, began building a nest in the office yard center nest box, then abandoned it due to House Sparrow issues. I am fairly certain that same pair is the one that set up residence in… Continue Reading “Nest Building Tree Swallows”

Because I Said So

On occasion – actually fairly often – I receive an email inquire from someone who is having a dog behavior issue. Today, I received this question, “We recently learned that Maggie resource guards her food around other dogs. We plan to get a new… Continue Reading “Because I Said So”

Hope Floats

Each spring, well before the temperature is averaging 65 degrees during the day, something I refer to as “hope” happens in my patio pond.  At first, I only catch a glimpse of it when the sunlight hits the water just right.  Then, day by… Continue Reading “Hope Floats”

Close Your Eyes

It’s hard enough to catch a hummingbird on film. They seem to exist in their own time and space continuum. But, I was able to catch a female Ruby Throated hummingbird, with her eyes shut! Super special.

Little Jewels of Joy

The Hummingbirds returned on May first. That was nice. It was my birthday! Great gift. We are dedicated to supporting the hummers, because, well, we just really enjoy them. I have a small feeder on the window of my office door which I can… Continue Reading “Little Jewels of Joy”


refraction [ ri-frak-shuh n ] noun Physics. the change of direction of a ray of light, sound, heat, or the like, in passing obliquely from one medium into another in which its wave velocity is different. I captured a male, Ruby-throated Hummingbird at a feeder,… Continue Reading “Refraction”