Month: June 2020

We’re Expecting!

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, we have recently added ten new nest boxes to the property. I’m happy to present the future generation of Eastern Bluebirds. First is the couple at the Southeast box, at the entrance to Sham’s paddock. Every time… Continue Reading “We’re Expecting!”

The At-Home Naturalist

Let’s get one thing straight.  I’m not an ornithologist.  Yes, I played one in college.  That’s accurate.  In 1982 I spent six months in Monte Verde, Costa Rica studying the “Nest Site Displacement of Hoffman’s Woodpeckers by Emerald Toucanets.”  That was a long time… Continue Reading “The At-Home Naturalist”

The Jelly Jar

When I discovered that we had Orchard Orioles on the property, I decided to makes their lives a bit more juicy by offering sliced oranges in several locations where I had seen them. We encountered the male in the now-overgrown former herding arena and… Continue Reading “The Jelly Jar”

Home Is Where The Gourd Is

This little House Wren (with a voice that is larger than its size) has chosen to make a home in one of the gourds we hung when we put up the Bluebird “trail” of nest boxes. The hope was to entice these exact birds… Continue Reading “Home Is Where The Gourd Is”

New Bluebird Couple Moves In

In other posts I have mentioned that Robert and I recently put up a number of new nest boxes for Bluebirds, and other cavity nesters. I got the idea from Jeff, a member of the IL Bird list. He shared that he maintained a… Continue Reading “New Bluebird Couple Moves In”


I have begun the process of habitualizing (don’t know if that’s a word) a few different birds around the property to my presence. It’s fairly easy as I’m sitting in the golf cart, since moving farm machinery is not uncommon in a rural area.… Continue Reading “Mockingbird”

Our Lovely Neighbors

Yesterday, I finally saw (and photographed) two new birds that I had been hearing for several weeks. It prompted me to post some of the individual encounters I have had over the past week or so. While waiting for a pair of Eastern Bluebirds… Continue Reading “Our Lovely Neighbors”

Fly-BY Parents

A few days ago I stumbled upon a splendid sight. Several broods of newly fledged Barn Swallows were lined up on a fence as they waited for their parents to fly in and feed them on the wing. I wasn’t able to get very… Continue Reading “Fly-BY Parents”

Look What I Stumbled Upon!

This afternoon I was offered a real treasure. While circling the property, I came upon Barn Swallow chicks all lined up on a fence wire. They were waiting for their parents to swoop in and feed them. I didn’t have the camera power to… Continue Reading “Look What I Stumbled Upon!”

Feed Me!

The Tree Swallow pair that has been busy raising their brood in the backyard box is coming to the point of seeing their chicks take flight. They have worked hard. Soaring to nab a mouthful of insects for their young, they race back to… Continue Reading “Feed Me!”