New Arrivals – Tree Swallow Chicks

This nest box was used already once this Spring by a pair of Tree Swallows, and as time flew by and we were busy with other commitments, the eggs we had discovered hatched and fledged before I could get out to observe them!

This time, I was a bit more ready to view the goings-on and we knew there were five eggs in the box a week or so, ago. I’m not all that interested in disturbing parent birds, so once we see eggs, I watch from afar waiting to see a change in the birds’ activity. Today, I decided to sit with a camera and noticed that the parents were coming and going almost every five minutes. So, we checked, and found that chicks had hatched.

Since one eggs remains and they are very naked, I suspect they hatched very recently. It’s hard to say whether the final egg is yet to hatch or whether it didn’t make it.

Here are a few photos I captures of the parents.

The parent inside the nest begins to push herself past her mate in order to exit.
“Honey, I’m home!”

We are hoping for the best for this couple while they take on the labors of raising their brood!

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