Home Is Where The Gourd Is

This little House Wren (with a voice that is larger than its size) has chosen to make a home in one of the gourds we hung when we put up the Bluebird “trail” of nest boxes. The hope was to entice these exact birds away from the larger, wooden boxes that the Bluebirds prefer. At least for this little one, our strategy worked.

I purchased the gourds in an 8-pack on Amazon and they ended up to be less than six bucks a piece. I did a little painting to make them appear a bit more natural and added a pine cone segment and a piece of plastic coated wire as a foot hold, since the gourds are made of plastic and are quite slippery. But, you can see from these photos that the little bird is adept at flying in without the assistance.

In the following photos, every time you see the bird’s mouth open, it’s singing its rambling song. It’s amazing that it feels the need to sing even as it is building the nest.

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