New Bluebird Couple Moves In

In other posts I have mentioned that Robert and I recently put up a number of new nest boxes for Bluebirds, and other cavity nesters. I got the idea from Jeff, a member of the IL Bird list. He shared that he maintained a Bluebird Trail up in northern Illinois. Since Bluebirds have such large territories, establishing a series of nest boxes that are situated at appropriate distances can help the species survive in locations where nest sites are either in decline due to the clearing of trees which contain natural cavities, or due to the invasive species of House Sparrows and European Starlings which compete for such sites.

Our property is large enough to offer many nest boxes that will be sufficiently separate (300 foot minimum distance) to support a half dozen or more Bluebird pairs. So, I drove and Robert did the hard labor to either attach the houses to existing posts, or pound a new t-post into the ground to support a box. Here are some of the new housing opportunities we established for cavity nesters like Bluebirds, Tree Swallows and other species.

Within a few days we observed Bluebird nests in three of the boxes, and I saw Bluebirds flitting around one other box. Yesterday, I finally filmed a female Eastern Bluebird enter the house at the far southeast corner of the property. I’ve watched them for days hunting in the area. We opened the box and saw the nest a week ago (I don’t disturb things there after.) I’m happy to post this news.

Female Eastern Bluebird exiting the next box that is located in the far southeast corner of our property.

The Bluebird is known as a symbol of happiness. I always smile when I see them.

One Comment on “New Bluebird Couple Moves In

  1. My blog has a glitch in it. Cannot push like on posts that are grouped together. Can only register my like on single posts in reader. So frustrating what wordpress does at times. Do like the bluebird boxes and the bluebirds. Have boxes all over our 3 acre yard and the bluebirds are always using them.

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