Month: June 2020

Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds

Not In Our Neighborhood!

I hear Blue Jays vocalizing around the property. But, they don’t come into the yard to visit our feeders. Our wild birds are truly wild, and while it’s common to see a Northern Cardinal at a feeder in a small, suburban yard, our Cardinals… Continue Reading “Not In Our Neighborhood!”

Sub-Letting a Nest Box

Last year and this, a lovely pair of Eastern Bluebirds used the white, birch-look box we have on our south fence. I posted quite a bit about them earlier this season – from their nest box selection behavior, building the nest, feeding their chicks,… Continue Reading “Sub-Letting a Nest Box”

Hummers – Tiny Jewels

Our Hummingbirds are plentiful this year. I would like to think it’s because we have provided a reliable food source for a couple of years, and the offspring of the birds that has been successful at rearing chicks are coming back! In the evening… Continue Reading “Hummers – Tiny Jewels”

Working Parents

This Tree Swallow pair is feeding their chicks that hatched last week. This is the pair in the backyard. We also have a pair doing the same in the front yard box. They are about three days different in hatch dates from this pair.… Continue Reading “Working Parents”

Purple Martin Babies!

Robert took this photo yesterday morning. I’m pretty sure these are little PM fledglings sitting on the ledge. So, dang cute…. in a weird sort of way.

The Tiniest Duel

I’m not sure if the bird recognized the wasp, or if the wasp acknowledged the hummer. But, these images make me feel as if the theme music from the Rocky movie is playing in the background! This female Ruby throated hummingbird approaches the nectar… Continue Reading “The Tiniest Duel”

Gourd World

Our Purple Martin colony has grown since last year, which was the first year we put up the red house. Here are some photos I took of the birds that are inhabiting the Gourd Tower that we offered the birds earlier this year. This… Continue Reading “Gourd World”


The Universe sometimes sends us messages……

New Arrivals – Tree Swallow Chicks

This nest box was used already once this Spring by a pair of Tree Swallows, and as time flew by and we were busy with other commitments, the eggs we had discovered hatched and fledged before I could get out to observe them! This… Continue Reading “New Arrivals – Tree Swallow Chicks”