Month: June 2020

A Saturday Evening Drive

We took a drive in the golf cart around the farm last evening. The hay was recently cut which makes traveling about much easier. The sun was low, as it was well past 6:00 PM, but I took my camera just in case we… Continue Reading “A Saturday Evening Drive”

Bluebird Babies

On May 30, 2020 the Eastern Bluebird pair that was occupying the white nest box on the south side of my office patio completed the mission of fledging their chicks. I had been filming them since they were apartment shopping for just the right… Continue Reading “Bluebird Babies”

The Order of Things

Animal Mammal Human Gender Race Country/Region of Origin   (mixed breed, Northern and Eastern European) Cultures of Influence  (Mid-western America / Scandinavian & Northern European – mostly regarding foods that were prevalent in my childhood home i.e. I like herring) Nationality  (United States Citizen) Family … Continue Reading “The Order of Things”

Turf wars

A friend saw photos I posted of a Bluebird pair that is nesting in a box we put up in the back yard and she said, “I’ve had a Bluebird box in my yard for years, but all we ever get are House Sparrows.”… Continue Reading “Turf wars”

House Wrens Move In

Some might say we are a bit obsessed with all these birds and boxes, and trail cams trying to records who is roosting where, but my father once told me that after meeting all essential life requirements, everyone should have a hobby and they… Continue Reading “House Wrens Move In”