Month: July 2020


Last week I posted about nest site displacement of Bluebirds by House Wrens in a post called Straw vs. Sticks. I included photos of the Bluebird couple that had been attempting to solidify ownership of box # 16 at the entrance to Sham’s Paddock.… Continue Reading “Surprise!”


I’m not certain how commonplace it is to shoot a photo of the Common Yellowthroat, but I certainly didn’t find it uncomplicated. I first learned that this tiny bird existed on our property just a couple of weeks ago. I saw a glint of… Continue Reading “Commonplace?”

Straw vs. Sticks

This isn’t a story of the three little pigs. Rather, this is the saga of the House Wrens versus the Bluebirds. It’s a somewhat sad story. For that reason, I want to make something clear. Although I was a scientist for twenty years (working… Continue Reading “Straw vs. Sticks”

What’s For Dinner? What!?

I’m happy to report that the Eastern Bluebird couple that has nested in Matt’s box (front yard near the young fruit trees) has been taking food to their new chicks for about ten days. On 7/11/20 I posted a photo of the female standing… Continue Reading “What’s For Dinner? What!?”

Noodle – Service Dog In Training

We typically have two dogs in training for Service Dog work during the same training period. I just posted a video of Ryder’s training. This is Noodle. She is a Labrador Retriever.

Ryder – Service Dog In Training

Lately, most of my posts have been about the birds and other wildlife around our farm. But, like most folks I also have a job to support my hobbies! This is Ryder, a German Shepherd Dog that came to us from his owner for… Continue Reading “Ryder – Service Dog In Training”

Silent Observer

I was in a corridor between an overgrown field and, well another overgrown field. It is the place where I have spotted the Blue Grosbeak couple many times. I have also seen a Hairy Woodpecker, Great Crested Flycatcher, Eastern Phoebe and various other species… Continue Reading “Silent Observer”

How Long Does It Take To Train A Dog?

“How many hours a day will you be training my dog?” It’s a common question from clients who request our Board & Train services.  After all, they are leaving their dog in someone else’s hands.  One can conjure up all sorts of questions about… Continue Reading “How Long Does It Take To Train A Dog?”

I Can’t Refuse Sharing this

On my way back to the house this afternoon, I saw this incredible bird in the tall grass near the entrance to the yard.

The Blue Grosbeak

For a few days I have been observing a female Blue Grosbeak in nearly the same location every afternoon. At first, I was only able to snap a very grainy photo, but it was sufficient to recognize her extremely large bill. After getting a… Continue Reading “The Blue Grosbeak”