State your Name!

It’s not common to see a Northern Bobwhite away from the cloak of the under brush, and especially not too far off the ground. On occasion, I hear one calling in the woods at a height that tells me he’s either an exceptional ventriloquist, or he is in fact up in the branches of a trees. Still, they actually are quite adept at projecting their voices quite a distance, so the comment about ventriloquism isn’t that far off.

Male Northern Bobwhite.

Yesterday, I was provided the treat of seeing a lovely pair – and by the way I almost always see them together – out in the sun, just a couple of yards from the taller grass.

Male (left) and female (right) Northern Bobwhite.
Female Northern Bobwhite

Then, after I thought they had scurried away, the unquestionable call “Bob White!” resonated over my shoulder. I turned to see the male atop a fence post. He was proudly – and repeatedly – stating his name, “Bob-White!” It was quite a vision.

Male N Bobwhite on fence post in late afternoon.
N Bobwhite announcing his presence.

3 Comments on “State your Name!

  1. Great pictures. It has not been long since a pair of Bob White Quail ran through my yard. I have never seen one above the ground and I did not realize they did this. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  2. Wow, that is a fun sighting! I’ve heard my dad make the call but never heard it. Thank you for sharing via IBET.

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