Month: July 2020

Monarchs and Milkweed

Monarch butterflies cannot survive without the milkweed plant, as their caterpillars only eat that plant. I’m happy that we have lots of wild milkweed growing in the hedgerows and the over-grown areas that we allow for various species to thrive. And yet, while I’ve… Continue Reading “Monarchs and Milkweed”

A Two-For

There are times when I have been focused on one bird and upon review of the images on my desktop computer, I discover a second bird in the same shot! I attribute this phenomenon to the fact that I have very old eyes. However,… Continue Reading “A Two-For”

Imprint Process Failure?

While I was sitting near the stand of grass where the Indigo Buntings frequent – trying to get some good shots – I heard this tiny chirp. Then, another and another until I was able to locate the source. It was an itty bitty… Continue Reading “Imprint Process Failure?”

Brilliantly Blue!

There’s a small stand of tall grasses not far from our house to the north. Often, when I am coming back to the house from a drive around the fields, I catch a glimpse of blue. There are a few Indigo Buntings that seem… Continue Reading “Brilliantly Blue!”

Doe, A Deer

She saw me before I saw her. Her reaction was to remain still. Mine was to turn my camera her way. She couldn’t be reckless, there was a fawn at her side. But, she remained just long enough for me to snap a few… Continue Reading “Doe, A Deer”

To Vogue Like A Dragonfly

Typically, I don’t go looking for dragonflies. And, that would be true when I came upon this one. I was actually waiting to see if a bird I briefly observed, would come back to the area. While I was sitting quietly, this handsome (as… Continue Reading “To Vogue Like A Dragonfly”

State your Name!

It’s not common to see a Northern Bobwhite away from the cloak of the under brush, and especially not too far off the ground. On occasion, I hear one calling in the woods at a height that tells me he’s either an exceptional ventriloquist,… Continue Reading “State your Name!”

Hungry Mouths To Feed

On June 30 I posted photos of two Bluebird nest boxes which contained lovely blue eggs. Well, they hatched. I haven’t opened the boxes, but the parents of both nests are taking food to their young. We refer to the next box in the… Continue Reading “Hungry Mouths To Feed”

A Dead Thing With Two Birds

Two days ago, when I checked the Bluebird nest box at the east gate to Jaye’s pasture, I discovered something I did not expect! It was a little mouse…and a bunch of his turds. I tried to encourage him to exit, but he retreated… Continue Reading “A Dead Thing With Two Birds”

Lookie Here!

In my post, Who’s Out There? from July 6, I wrote that I hadn’t yet filmed the Great Blue Heron that I see quite often as he flies from the north end of the pond when I enter that area. His massive wings flap… Continue Reading “Lookie Here!”