Month: July 2020

Honorable Mention

It’s clear that I like birds. I love to watch, feed, photograph and listen to them. However, birds alone do not a complete experience make. Most trips I take with the intention of seeing and photographing birds, I bring home a few shots of… Continue Reading “Honorable Mention”

My Favorite Color

“What is your favorite color?” I don’t know why we feel so compelled to ask children to identify a singular hue as their best one. But, as a kid I always answered, “Blue!” Eventually I realized that there’s more to life than the primary… Continue Reading “My Favorite Color”

Who’s Out There?

There’s a site called e-Bird that encourages “birders” of all levels to upload data about the birds they encounter ( When you input your location, it provides a checklist of the birds you are most likely to see in your area. I recently used… Continue Reading “Who’s Out There?”