Month: September 2020

“Basic Obedience”

Let’s have a little “come to Jesus” conversation about dog training.  What?  Does training a little dog require such a significant exchange?  Follow along and you will discover where I am coming from. I just visited a dog breeder/trainer website that offers dogs trained… Continue Reading ““Basic Obedience””

Bluebirds In The Ponderosa Pines

There are a few very special places on our property that inspire me. One of them, a place that I have loved since we moved here, is the small group of Ponderosa Pine trees that sit north of the pond. In fact, I adore… Continue Reading “Bluebirds In The Ponderosa Pines”

Apple Tree Trail Cam

A couple of days ago I posted photos that I took of a juvenile Red-breasted Grosbeak that was snacking on an apple I hung in a tree. Here are some Trail Cam video recordings of that bird, as well as other visitors to the… Continue Reading “Apple Tree Trail Cam”

Got It!

A few days ago I posted some pictures of partially eaten apples in the corridor area of the farm. We harvested most of the fruit a while back, but we left the apples that Robert couldn’t reach. I knew they would not go to… Continue Reading “Got It!”

The Tale of Two Flycatchers

A couple of days ago I encountered an unknown flycatcher on a fence between Sham’s Paddock and Jaye’s Pasture – which is about centrally located on our property, and surrounded by recently cut pastures. It was obvious the bird was a flycatcher first, by… Continue Reading “The Tale of Two Flycatchers”

an Apple A Day?

Well, not quite an apple a day. Apparently, some critter(s) are eating their fruit judiciously. This is the apple tree in the corridor where I see many types of birds. I have seen a deer and her fawn in the area, as well. And,… Continue Reading “an Apple A Day?”

A Moment In Time

Every once in a while I get lucky and the shutter opens at just the right time. These are Northern Mockingbirds.


Today was a brilliant day. The skies were clear. The air was warm – yet I could still tell it’s was no longer summer. There’s a feeling that says harvest and get your cozy sweaters ready! As I looked around under the cloudless blue… Continue Reading “Yellow!”

Rough Day

When you are three weeks old and people expect you to pose for too many photos!

A Plant’s Offering

It’s the middle of September. Soon temperatures will drop and it will be time to don a nice, comfy sweater during my drives around the property. Field corn is drying up and will be ready for harvest, soon. I love this image of the… Continue Reading “A Plant’s Offering”