The crows are assembling, cawing to each other, flying in groups across the autumn skies. If I didn’t absolutely love crows, I think I might find their presence a bit ominous. Their behavior is a sure sign of the impending change in seasons which includes the Halloween holiday and all the ghosts, goblins and…. vultures?

This Turkey Vulture was obviously taking advantage of the fact that the Hay Guys cut and baled the hay in Jaye’s pasture today – most probably exposing some dead animal that it thought would be a very tasty snack. With the newly cut field, the bird appeared massive and when it took flight up to a hay bale at the far end of the field, it seemed that its wingspan had to be at least six foot wide.

The large Turkey Vulture landed on the hay bale, making the bale seem much smaller that it really is.

3 Comments on “Vulture

    • Based on the fact that the field fencing is probably around 4′ high, those round bales are probably 6′ tall. So, I would guess that the bird’s wingspan was at least as wide as the bale, and maybe more. I don’t know if it’s a juvenile or an adult, but it’s a big bird. Thanks for your input.

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