Gray and Red

I heard the bird before I saw it. Years ago, I used to force my husband to go into the wooded area across the street from our old house when it heard the sound, begging, “please, find that kitten. It sounds like it’s stuck in a tree!” Now, I know that vocalization belongs to a Gray Catbird – quite aptly named.

Again, I find myself wishing I had taken more than the introductory botany class in college. I saw this bird eating the red berries off a large bush. I just don’t know what sort of shrub that might be. I did a bit of research and I believe it may be a Fly or Dwarf or European Fly Honeysuckle (family Caprifoliaceae.)

The first photo provides details of the bush, with a couple of very populated branches of berries on the left, and the bird on the right.

While I was watching the Gray Catbird, I also saw an Eastern Meadowlark and a young Northern Mockingbird. Both of them were perched at the tops of nearby trees.

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