Apple Tree Trail Cam

A couple of days ago I posted photos that I took of a juvenile Red-breasted Grosbeak that was snacking on an apple I hung in a tree. Here are some Trail Cam video recordings of that bird, as well as other visitors to the tree in the 24 hours after I set up the camera.

In this first clip you can see the Red-breasted Grosbeak picking at the apple in the center of the frame, but more interesting to me is the bird that is jumping from stalk to stalk of the weeds in the left foreground. I’m struggling to identify it. Perhaps it’s a Philadelphia warbler?

Next, a Northern Cardinal is perched on a branch below and left of the apple when a Rose-breasted Grosbeak flies into the tree and then moves to the apple.

The next shows an adult male Rose-breasted Grosbeak snacking on the apple. This is the only clip with an adult male.

This clip provides an interesting bird song, small birds hopping near the bottom (perhaps the ones that are singing), and a Rose-breasted Grosbeak eating the apple.

File 60, below, shows two juvenile Grosbeaks and an unidentified bird song in the background.

Next, two Grosbeaks.

58 starts with the quick exit of a very small bird with a bright red patch of color, two juvenile Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and near the end, a little flycatcher species shows up on a branch at lower right.

File 114 has two Rose-breasted Grosbeaks (one at the apple, one lower and to the left which flies up to a higher branch) as well as a Northern Cardinal sitting on a lower branch in the lower right.

Although there are other bird species in the area that might enjoy eating the apples, in the 24 hour
duration the camera was active which yielded 220, 30 second clips (many of which were just triggered by a blowing weed or perhaps a bird fly-by that wasn’t captured), I only saw Rose-breasted Grosbeaks eating the apple. There appeared to be one male and at least one adult female, as well as two or more juveniles. These birds are either preparing to migrate from this area, or they are migrating through from up north. I did see a few Rose-breasted Grosbeaks here during the summer, breeding months. Perhaps these are the resident birds preparing for their trip south.

It’s obvious that putting the Trail Cam even closer to the action will yield more interesting videos. The camera that produced these clips was mounted about five feet from the apple. Tomorrow we are going to move it even close, after we re-charge the apple supply, as it was nearly gone this evening when I checked after teaching the weekend class.

If it’s worth sharing, I’ll upload the new images!

2 Comments on “Apple Tree Trail Cam

  1. That background calling sounds like Blue Jays to me and I never knew Rose Breasted Grosbeaks liked Apples.

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