Month: September 2020

Gray and Red

I heard the bird before I saw it. Years ago, I used to force my husband to go into the wooded area across the street from our old house when it heard the sound, begging, “please, find that kitten. It sounds like it’s stuck… Continue Reading “Gray and Red”

Birds and Berries

My budding hobby of birding has lead to a number of other avenues of learning about the natural world around me. As I shared in an earlier post or two, we have left our property to “go natural” except for the large fields that… Continue Reading “Birds and Berries”

Puppy Dreams

When they twitch as if they are chasing rabbits in a dream, adult dogs might actually have a memory of such an event. But, when infant puppies – not even three weeks old – do the same thing I am left to wonder about… Continue Reading “Puppy Dreams”

So, That Happened…

I clicked on the video camera to capture a bird song I was hearing, and…yeah, a huge flock of birds decided to fly across the field. I’m not mad.

Chili! Hot Chili, Here!

In my quest to turn our autumn bounty into something delicious, I created a small batch of chili sauce. I used three jalapenos (red and green), a poblano, three of the super hot, cayenne peppers and three of the ones I cannot identify because… Continue Reading “Chili! Hot Chili, Here!”

Red Tailed Hawk

I stepped out onto my office patio and saw this Red-tailed Hawk circling over the backyard. Nice.

Dang! That’s Delicious!

As you may know from an earlier post, we harvested a good number of apples considering we are just two people to feed, and the fact that all but one tree is just a few year old. Today, I decided to try my hand… Continue Reading “Dang! That’s Delicious!”

$19.99 + water + Sun + Patience

When we moved into our new home on Christmas eve 2016, I had so many plans for the property. But, it was winter and I could only dream. We set the house nearly 200 feet back from the road and my vision was to… Continue Reading “$19.99 + water + Sun + Patience”


The crows are assembling, cawing to each other, flying in groups across the autumn skies. If I didn’t absolutely love crows, I think I might find their presence a bit ominous. Their behavior is a sure sign of the impending change in seasons which… Continue Reading “Vulture”

Pepper Jelly!

As I mentioned in an earlier POST, I grew a few varieties of peppers this year with the intention of making some kick-ass hot sauce. However, as I was examining the bounty I decided to try my culinary hand at jalapeno jelly – without… Continue Reading “Pepper Jelly!”