Month: September 2020

Therapy Dog Info

As a dog trainer and puppy raiser, I get asked about Therapy Dogs a few times a month.  I have decided to post the information on this Blog, which will hopefully answer most questions.  If you have addition inquires, feel free to contact me… Continue Reading “Therapy Dog Info”

You’re Welcome

I hope this makes you smile.

Pepper Harvest

Peppers of all types are suitable for container gardening. To avoid having to get down to ground level (due to mobility issues, to prevent weed growth and to manage them best) I tend to grow herbs, tomatoes and peppers in containers. My favorite are… Continue Reading “Pepper Harvest”

Can We Hunt Buffalo Together?

Here is another unpublished chapter from the work in progress; “A Dog Trainer’s Guide to Human Happiness.” You may find the previous chapters interesting, as well: The Dog with Eighteen Elbows and To Write (about the US Military Veteran’s wife and training Service Dogs)… Continue Reading “Can We Hunt Buffalo Together?”

Taunt Me No More

When I first discovered that there was a pair of Blue Grosbeaks on our property, it was the female that showed up first. She was on the ground at the end of the corridor, quite a distance away. But her warm, cinnamon color and… Continue Reading “Taunt Me No More”

Flycatcher – Flycatcher

After some rainy weather, work commitments and fruitless rides around the property, I actually had a nice day yesterday and saw birds I had been hoping to see, didn’t think I would see and which made me wonder what I had seen. At the… Continue Reading “Flycatcher – Flycatcher”


Once again, I have been assisted by the IL birders to identify this bird that I saw fly into a tree at the south end of the pond. It was late, I was facing west into the very low sun, so mostly it was… Continue Reading “GREEN HERON”