Month: October 2020

See Ya Later

I had my camera aimed at a Bluebird that I had spotted in the Ponderosa Pine tree. Snap. Snap. Snap. The shutter opened and closed repeatedly to capture any interesting action, even though the bird sat relatively still. I didn’t see the Blue Jay… Continue Reading “See Ya Later”

Winter’s Calling Card

If a Northern Cardinal in a barren tree doesn’t say, “Winter’s Coming!” I don’t know what else does. The overcast, gray skies, the leafless tree, the lovely female Cardinal perched as the only splash of color – it brought that tingle to my spine.… Continue Reading “Winter’s Calling Card”

Blowing Leaves

Mother Nature assembled her birds. “Dear cherished ones, I have a small request. I fear this season is racing by too quickly and if I blink, it will be gone. Please reenact the falling of the leaves so I may always experience the spectacle.”… Continue Reading “Blowing Leaves”

Autumn Bluebird

It’s been windy here for a couple of days. I’m glad that I took some photos of the fall colors before the leaves were carried away with the gusts. I love this photo of an Eastern Bluebird nestled among the burnt orange leaves of… Continue Reading “Autumn Bluebird”

Country Mouse, I Mean Wren

I was sitting near the apple tree by the entrance to the corridor. After harvesting most of the ripe apples, we hung “store bought” apples on the tree to attract birds, and it was working. I was able to take photos of Rose-breasted Grosbeak,… Continue Reading “Country Mouse, I Mean Wren”

Palms In Illinois

A month ago I didn’t know there was a little bird called the Palm Warbler. And, if I had, I wouldn’t have thought a bird with that name would visit my neck of the woods! Palm sounds so tropical! In the past few days… Continue Reading “Palms In Illinois”

The Bird and The Bee

Perhaps this bee was just waiting his turn at the apple.

Puppy Chow

We wean our puppies on a commercial dry dog food, because some folks prefer that. But, we also introduce them to raw meat, which is how we feed our personal dogs. Here are a few videos of our current litter of 6 week old… Continue Reading “Puppy Chow”

Interesting Image

Bees and other insects visit the apples that I hang for the birds. But, it appears this one isn’t happy about it. Here are a few other shots of this House Finch snacking on the apple.

If you Hang It, They Will Come

There’s that wonderful quote from the Field of Dreams movie, “If you build it, they will come.” Well, after the local critters consumed the final couple of apples we left on the tree in the corridor, I decided to hang additional fruits to support… Continue Reading “If you Hang It, They Will Come”