Gold Is Always In Season

Yesterday I gingerly opened my office door to the patio. There were birds on the feeders, and I hoped to catch them. Alas, they flew off.

I knew the routine. They would come back if I was patient and remained still. It worked.

A small gathering of American Goldfinches arrived to take advantage of the thistle seed feeders. It was late afternoon, and the sun illuminated their new, fall fashion.

As I looked at the photos I took yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to search for past images to see how different this species presents across the seasons.

April 2020

July 2020

Late August 2020

I didn’t film the Goldfinches at our patio feeder in late summer. These are photos I took of them in their wild state when I happened to see them on my drive-arounds.

Late October 2020

I love that these little birds can adapt so well to the changing seasons. They are precious little gems. It’s exciting to know that they are year-round residents and I get to see them in all their glory, no matter what time of year it might be.

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