The Elusive One

Since I first learned how to recognize the vocalization of the Carolina Wren, I heard it nearly daily throughout the summer. The birders apply the phrase, teakettle-teakettle-teakettle to distinguish its song. it’s a crisp, clear tune that I heard bursting from several different locations on our farm – especially where there’s dense tree cover.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally captured one, horrible grainy image of a Carolina Wren out near the feeder we put up at the gate from the Pond Meadow into Jaye’s Pasture. I saw movement in the shadows at the bottom of the post that supports the feeder and snapped. It was just barely enough information for me to identify the bird as a Carolina Wren. I proudly added that photo to the BIRDS IN OUR BACKYARD page even though it was a marginal image. But, now, I will be able to upload a superior photo of this elusive little bird.

The new feeding station we assembled at the north end of the Pond Meadow is just a few yards from where I shot the original photo of the Carolina Wren. Apparently, she appreciates the suet-peanut pellets that I hung in a feeder tube and didn’t mind the short hop over to gain access to it, and the mealworm & sunflower seed kernel bell. It was cloudy when she showed up, but I’m happier with these photos than the one I took earlier!

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