What A Cutie!

Check out the hair-do on this Downy Woodpecker. OK. To be honest, there was a stiff breeze and the wind was causing his feathers to ruffle. But, regardless of cause, he’s quite captivating. Don’t you agree?

Even from a different position, and a more traditional cap, he’s a lovely creature. He even sports a red, heart shaped mark on the back of his head. Coming or going, he draws my attention.

He arrived at the Lower Pond feeder to sample the peanut-suet pellets. He consumed a few! I’m happy to have provided the nutrition in preparation for winter. He makes my heart sing.

These next shots were taken a few days earlier. There was more sunlight that day. I’m not sure if it’s the same bird, or another. in the final photo he is sharing the space with a House Finch.

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