Two Is Better Than One

This post is part of a continuing saga of the Butterball Road Kill (aka Turkey Lure) which is my attempt to capture good quality images of American Crows and the local Hawks in my area.

It took a couple of days, but we did have crows and a Red-tailed hawk visit which you can see HERE. The following day after those visits (12/13/20), the Red-tailed Hawk returned. But, he wasn’t alone. Two hawks came to take advantage of the fresh meat we offered. I wish I knew if it was a mated pair, a parent and offspring or two unrelated birds. I can’t tell a vast difference between the birds, but perhaps an expert can shed some light on how these two birds may be related.

Once activity trips its sensor, the trail cam takes one still shot, then records thirty seconds of video. The quality isn’t great, especially in such low light. Here are the stills, which I was able to lighten. These visitors came just before sundown. The video clips are below.

I’m glad I thought to have Robert cut a big branch off a Hedge Tree (Osage Orange.) It appears that the birds use it in various ways, and once I can get some “real camera” images, the added height should make for great composition.

This project makes me very happy. It brings joy. I think that’s an important element to schedule into your life. I cannot wait to make additional progress and finally, get my coveted shots of these amazing animals.

One Comment on “Two Is Better Than One

  1. Most likely a mated pair there, they mate for life Unless 1-A partner dies or 2-They fail to produce young over a season or two, then divorce. . Mating season is close to come. They kick the young ones out by late summer. No others tolerated in their territory in the new year. The young have to go and find their life partner and a good territory.

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