Butterball Diner Update

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve had some SNAFU’s with the Trail Cam that we set up to observe the turkey lure. Fortunately, the new camera arrived as promised (even during the Christmas rush of package delivery – THANKS delivery personnel!) and it appears to be working properly.

I though that I had lost my chance to film the Hawks, but it seems at least one has been coming back to the lure. Below are two Trail Cam video clips of the hawk. The first was recorded 12/22/20 at 2:03 PM. The second one shows a hawk that arrived around 8:00 AM this morning (12/23/20) during very high winds.

Last night, Robert put out a new turkey. Before you question my budget prowess, the “cheap” frozen turkeys are just sixty-eight cents a pound. That is less than many types of wild bird seed! While the hawk was not recorded noshing on the new meat, we recorded a cat in the early morning hours that seemed to prefer the fresh stuff. This afternoon, Alexa alerted me of a new package delivery today. It was the live trap that I acquired to catch those cats. We’ll see if we can be successful on that venture.

Here’s the majestic Red-tailed Hawk in all its glory having an easy snack (yesterday afternoon.) it’s followed by the film from this morning.

During the first week that we set up the Butterball Diner, I was surprised how few nocturnal animals showed up. The most common nighttime visitors were White-tailed Deer that stopped by to examine the situation. The neighbor’s black cat with white feet visited several times, but it took nearly a week before the native wild life showed up. I need to preface that with the comment that on several days the camera didn’t record any activity.

Here is a Trail Cam recording of deer (the doe comes close, her fawn stays in the background.)

An opossum (or more) has also been visiting. A few nights ago, he dragged the turkey carcass a few feet, which might explain why it was coated in grass when I examined it even before we caught the opossum on film. In this clip from 12/22/20, he shows his pulling skills, too.

The first time we captured a raccoon on video, he stopped by multiple times in the night. I chose this clip to upload because, if you look closely, there is another animal in the background. You can only discern it by the reflection of its eyes. it never gets close enough to shows its true identify. I wonder if it was the opossum, cat or maybe another raccoon that was waiting its turn on the carcass, until after the raccoon had his fill.

Perhaps my Christmas present from the Universe will be the opportunity to film (with my SLR camera) the hawks or even the Crows! Tomorrow shows partly sunny skies, but the temperature is dropping hard tonight, and it’s going to be cold. If it’s not still windy (like today) I may be able to bear the frigid temps and capture one of those incredible birds – Hawk or Crows, I’m not fussy! My Christmas wish is simple: tolerable weather, good sunlight, and the arrival of splendid avian beauties. “Please, Santa…. please….

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