Tidy Red-Tailed

[I can’t change the title now, but I have learned that the hawk in the video below is an Immature Red-shouldered Hawk, not a Red-tailed hawk. edited 1/12/21]

We have had far more raccoon, opossum and cat activity at our Butterball Diner (aka Turkey lure) site of late than avian visitors. But, today’s download of the trail cam SD card provided an interesting little ditty about a Red-tailed Hawk’s desire to maintain a clean dining space.

I’m not exactly sure about the origins of the trash (plastic object / bag), but the hawk wasn’t having it. I believe it may be the baggie that is stuffed in the cavity of a turkey that contains the organs and neck, but I’m not sure. We’ve had some strong winds, and it may have just arrived in a gust. But, when the hawk arrives to check out possible snacks, he seems a bit perturbed to find the garbage fouling up his culinary experience.

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