I’ll Take It To Go, Thanks.

I was surprised when we put out our turkey lure (the situation of some debate) that we didn’t catch very many night visitors. What it tells me is that our property (and the land around us) only sustains so many individuals of a given species and that number is much smaller than I assumed.

When I lived in a small town as a child and in a large city as an adult, I routinely observed “wildlife” which had learned to cope with and more importantly take advantage of the “offerings” of human existence. By that I mean trash dumpsters in alleys and garbage cans lining the streets on track pick-up days were frequently visited by raccoons, opossums, rats and even coyotes and foxes. In a city environment, there are probably many raccoons that make a living in a 1/4 mile square section of city blocks.

Yet, here at our place (which is 1/4 mile x 1/4 mile surrounded by hundreds of acres of crop land and also some woods that line creeks), our Trail Cam that is set up at the Butterball Diner has only caught what I think is a couple of raccoons and a single opossum. At least, that is all that has visited the turkey lure at one time during the night hours.

We’ve also had a white tailed deer and her fawn trip the trigger on the Trail Cam after dark. But, we have not recorded evidence of coyotes, foxes, not even a weasel-type animal which I have seen on occasion race across the road not far from our house when we were driving home after dark.

This next video is the only one we captured that shows a second raccoon or opossum that is moving in the distance behind the raccoon that is at the lure site. Otherwise, the nighttime wildlife visitors have been limited to the couple of deer, and one raccoon or one opossum at a time.

Yesterday, Robert returned with the SD card from the Trail Cam and said, “the carcass is gone.” I checked the video files and learned which animals carried it off.

I guess the opossum figured the carcass was of a suitable size to simply take away as carry-out! Bye-bye!

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