Twenty-One Days

Blind. Deaf. Unable to thermoregulate. Puppies are born into this world with a powerful sense of smell and an even stronger instinct to use it to find their mother. There is nothing that drives them more than to seek warmth and nutrition from that singular being that is ALL.

Three weeks later, the transformation is amazing.

Their eyes opened around day fifteen – albeit without clarity of vision. Their ability to hear is just turning on. Their need for their mother’s milk is still strong, but they are now being offered warm gruel and most are excited to give it a try.

They vocalize with adorable puppy barks and squeaks and also in strong protest when being held for more time then they tolerate. It is obvious they have a voice and are practicing how to use it.

They have gone from pulling themselves along with their front legs, to sitting and now standing on shaky legs. Some are even walking a few steps.

Qute remarkable is their developing focus on humans. A few of them are looking into my eyes with seeming intention to be seen. Many of them relax in our grasp, sometimes after a little struggle to break free and return to the safety of mother’s scent and familiar surrounds.

There is no other species on the planet that enters our realm with such a natural desire to become kindred with us. I have no doubt that if humans have a soul, so do our dogs.

I present to you nine, perfect little beings that will, one day, change a person’s life forever. At least, that would be my greatest wish.

these puppies are reserved

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