Month: January 2021

60 Seconds of Blue Jays


During the heat of the summer, I frequently saw Northern Mockingbirds in several areas of our property. They became one of my favs because they were willing to stay still in one place while I honed my skills using a camera. It wasn’t unusual… Continue Reading “Mockingbird”

The Definition of Heart-warming Joy

This is my world. It must be shared. Three week old puppies

Camo – No Camo

This is a Song Sparrow. They are sweet, little birds that stick around all winter. In the summertime, true to their name, they sing…. let me rephrase that, THEY SING! But, in winter, unless I look very closely, I would completely miss them. Rather… Continue Reading “Camo – No Camo”

Winter Sunshine

Yesterday, I went out to the pastures for the first time in seven days. The weather and work commitments had prevented me from getting outdoors. I really needed it. It is truly my happy place, and it offers me almost a meditative experience. The… Continue Reading “Winter Sunshine”


I was scolded and my ethics were called into question.  It wasn’t exactly how I wanted my second Monday of the New Year to begin.  But, it is what it is.  S*it happens.  As a sixty year old, mature person who considers herself logical,… Continue Reading “SCOLDED”

Tidy Red-Tailed

[I can’t change the title now, but I have learned that the hawk in the video below is an Immature Red-shouldered Hawk, not a Red-tailed hawk. edited 1/12/21] We have had far more raccoon, opossum and cat activity at our Butterball Diner (aka Turkey… Continue Reading “Tidy Red-Tailed”

Spinach for Breakfast?

A couple of days ago, Robert ran to the store for a few things and I asked him to pick up some frozen fruits like raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. Last year my doctor wanted to prescribe drugs to address my slowly increasing cholesterol values,… Continue Reading “Spinach for Breakfast?”

Finch Fun

House Finches comprise a large percentage of the birds that visit the platform feeder in the Pond Meadow. For that reason, they are always available to film. But, for that same reason, sometimes I look elsewhere to aim my camera as I feel like… Continue Reading “Finch Fun”

No Gloves!

After many days of flurries, freezing rain and more rain… finally the sun came. All was well with the world…well, except for the mud. I hate the mud. If I didn’t have several dogs that required time outdoors (in the mud), I wouldn’t have… Continue Reading “No Gloves!”