Baby It’s Cold Outside

While filming the wild birds on my patio, one species stuck out as the most demonstrative of the depth of the frigid temperatures. The Mourning Doves seem to present the image of “Hey! It’s damn cold out here!” better than any other of the fluffed up or puffed out birds. With that said, I don’t know why they don’t cuddle a little closer to each other!

This bird seems to say it all! “What am I doing here, and why didn’t I fly south to the Caribbean like those other birds?”

I shot all these photos through my glass doors, and some photos ended up with an interesting sort of lighting. I like the feeling that it brings forth.

One Comment on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Always feel sorry for the birds when it gets so cold. They do look different as they fluff up their feathers to combat the cold tempatures.

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