Month: March 2021

Red-Winged Blackbird

This handsome fellow is perched on the spent cattails from last autumn. It’s a fitting background for the photo as these birds tend to nest very close to the pond’s edge.


Just after the deep freeze event we experienced in February, I began seeing pictures of little families of dead Eastern Bluebirds posted on social media. Apparently, groups of this lovely species, which winters in our area, hold up in nest cavities together, relying upon… Continue Reading “Bluebird!!!!!”

Red-Winged Blackbird at the Pond’s Edge

Such a strikingly beautiful bird.

The Swallows

I have a deep dread in my soul that the extensive hard freeze we had in February may have been the demise of all the Eastern Bluebirds in our area. People from birds groups in Central and Southern Illinois have posted reports and photos… Continue Reading “The Swallows”

Can’t Win ‘Em All

The tongue-beak dexterity of this female Northern Cardinal is quite impressive. Birds that crack open seeds and nuts have a very well developed tongue. I know this from having parrots as pets. A parrot’s tongue is a powerful muscle. It feels more like a… Continue Reading “Can’t Win ‘Em All”


After enduring one heck of a cold winter, the fish in my patio pond finally woke up and came to the surface to be warmed by the sun. We created this patio pond using a 400+ poly stock tank that sits next to a… Continue Reading “Wakie-Wakie!”

Service Dog Bentley – Home Manners

They’re Baaack!

They’re Back! I went outside today and heard a familiar chortle. I looked up to see a Purple Martin perched on the gourd tower. Real work has kept us busy and we haven’t replaced a few of the gourds that fell off during the… Continue Reading “They’re Baaack!”

Pretty Bird!

The last two days afforded me the opportunity to get outside and check out the early Spring Migration. I encountered a pair of Ring-neck ducks on the pond. I didn’t even know there was such a species. It was incredibly relaxing to sit and… Continue Reading “Pretty Bird!”

Angry Bird!

Last year I was filming a pair of Tree Swallows that seemed on the cusp of selecting the central nest box in my office yard to build a nest. Between photos, I saw a very quick mating between the two, brilliantly blue birds. The… Continue Reading “Angry Bird!”