Low Light Loveliness

In the past week, the wind has blown over twenty-five miles per hour for over twenty-four hours in a row. The rain has poured from the sky. Thunder boomed. Lightening filled the darkness with flashes of brilliance which – through one of the miracles of Nature – helped the dormant grass to turn to green over night. It was all a splendid display of the coming of Spring. But, it has made it difficult to get out and about the property.

When the mud finally subsided after the torrential winds helped to dry the soil, it remained over cast and gloomy. It has not been a good week for outdoor photography. Still, I ached to capture the beauty of the birds and hoped to encounter a new species as this Spring Migration begins.

For days the forcast has included the hopeful term of “partly sunny.” But, I’ve found that usually means “mostly cloudy.” Yet, that didn’t keep me from trying to catch some good shots. While the lighting was less than optimal, the subjects in the next photos deserved to be seen. I’ve learned that the absence of brilliant lighting can sometimes add an artistic element to my photos. I hope that is how you view them.

Before offer up photos of the birds, let me set the scene with some of the background images of spent cattails, dried wild flowers, turtles emerging from the pond for the first time this year, and the ominous thorns of a tree that grows here and there around the property. I’ve tried to do a bit of research to identify that tree, but I’ve not yet been successful. My best guess is that it’s a sort of Locust.

The patio pond has also come alive in the past week. Lily pad leaves are reaching the surface and the marginal plants have begun to turn green. While it was raining, I tried to catch the drops hitting the surface. The hint of orange under the surface is the goldfishes that seem to have come back to life after living under ice during the Deep Freeze of February.

The sun doesn’t usually shine when it’s raining, so again these images lack the brilliance of light but the subjects were worthy of including – if even not your typical presentation.

Dang. I just checked the extended forecast and I don’t see sunny weather until Saturday. That’s six days from now! I will redirect my hobby time to another, indoor project.

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