We have very few squirrels on our property. The ones we have are mostly comfortable in the trees, more than on the ground. And, they seem to be huge! They also appear to be a different species than the smaller squirrels that tend to run across the road near the (often) dried creek bed to the east of our property.

I’ve done a bit of research and I am fairly certain ours are Fox Squirrels. I don’t usually have the camera power to film our little arboreal mammals, but recently I have been able to catch a few images, even though the lighting wasn’t great.

These photos are of a squirrel in the mature trees at the north end of Pond Meadow.

I captured this next squirrel in the Ponderosa pines, on a tree that has a large hole, which I thought might have been made by a woodpecker. However, it’s possible that this squirrel makes his home in the cavity, since he was hugging the tree right over the opening when I encountered him.

Perhaps, in time I will get some better images of our small population of Squirrels. If so, I will certainly share them on the blog.

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