Angry Bird!

Last year I was filming a pair of Tree Swallows that seemed on the cusp of selecting the central nest box in my office yard to build a nest. Between photos, I saw a very quick mating between the two, brilliantly blue birds. The male was perched atop a fence post. Then he dropped down to the female that was sitting just below him, on the top wire of the fence. I felt very fortunate to have witnessed the event, even though I wasn’t able to catch it on film. However, I was lucky to record them tending to their eggs, and chicks until the day the little ones fledged.

Ever since I was privy to the breeding (which was super quick!) I hoped to see the behavior again and capture a few photos. Yesterday, I was watching a pair of Tree Swallows that, again, seem to be focused on the central nest box. They flew together, over the yard, sometimes coming together in flight as if giving each other a kiss. All the while, they were vocalizing.

After a bit, one bird landed on a fence post about sixty feet away. I aimed my camera. Sure enough, moments later – while the shutter was snapping – a second bird flew up. From my remote location it looked as if the bird in flight offered the perching bird something to eat.

I was so excited to download the photos and catch the blessed moment of a special courtship behavior between the birds. I think I may have gotten the whole “love snack” wooing behavior wrong.

I’m going to let you decide what you think this pair of Tree Swallows might have been communicating to each other.

Oh, the captions that I could add to those images! Let’s hope it was just a minor tiff and that they choose to hook up, build a nest and raise a lovely brood of baby Tree Swallows!

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