After enduring one heck of a cold winter, the fish in my patio pond finally woke up and came to the surface to be warmed by the sun.

We created this patio pond using a 400+ poly stock tank that sits next to a raised patio. The first year, 2017, we purchased a dozen little goldfishes from the pet section at the back of the local Wal-mart. They were about half the size of my thumb! Since then, they have grown to larger than my hand and have produced little fry.

That first year, I also purchased a “drop and grow” aquatic lily pad plant, and the next year I added a second one. This is the first year that such mature leaves reached the surface this soon into the Spring season. I also have adorned the pond with several marginal pond plants, including aquatic mint, three varieties of aquatic irises, and a couple of other plants I of which I cannot recall the name. Interestingly, one of the iris plants remained somewhat green all winter and it’s already sending up new shoots. The aquatic mint is also starting new growth.

I hope that the upcoming weekend brings lovely weather. Not only do I want to set up additional Purple Martin housing, but I hope we can get the pond back into some sort of shape so that it can flourish all summer. Last summer I purchased an underwater camera with the intention of filming the fishes from their own perspective. However, my infatuation with birding took off (once I was physically able to get out to the pastures) and I spent more time away from the patio than on it.

I find myself contemplating how to divide my hobby time between the patio projects and the birding ventures. Still, it is a goal I want to achieve this summer. When the patio pond isn’t tended to with great care, the algae can take over and I will lose sight of those golden gems gliding through the lily pads with such serenity. Hobbies are suppose to provide a relaxing vibe, and placing boundaries and constraints on them seems contrary to the endeavors. Considering that leisure time must play second fiddle to “real” work, I want to avoid feeling “stressed” trying to “get to” and “organizing time” towards my pet projects. Whew!

In the end, the fact that I even have time to worry about such things makes me feel very, very blessed.

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