Month: March 2021

They’ve Arrived

The Tree Swallows have arrived and are checking out options for their summer housing where they will, hopefully, rear at least one – perhaps two – broods of chicks. Last year, a pair successfully fledged a brood from a box located off the north… Continue Reading “They’ve Arrived”

The White-Crowned Sparrow

Sadly, these very gregarious little sparrows will be leaving for their breeding grounds up in Canada shortly. So, to honor them and the joy that they have brought to me all winter long, I am going to post some photos from the past month… Continue Reading “The White-Crowned Sparrow”

Couple Up cardinals!

The number of species that spend the winter here on our property isn’t very extensive. Many that do winter here will leave for more northerner areas to breed. But, the Northern Cardinal is here all year long. Recently, I’ve heard the males begin to… Continue Reading “Couple Up cardinals!”

BENTLEY – Service Dog In Training

This is Bentley. He’s a young, male Labrador Retriever. This video shows him working during a public outing in a large home-improvement store that is filled with sounds, people, and lots of scents. We think he handled the environment quite well.


We have very few squirrels on our property. The ones we have are mostly comfortable in the trees, more than on the ground. And, they seem to be huge! They also appear to be a different species than the smaller squirrels that tend to… Continue Reading “Squirrel!!!”


Check out the tiny insects that are flying around the Goldfinch in the these images. I didn’t see them when I was taking the photos. It’s was quite chilly that day, and along with the Goldfinch in the pictures, I had seen the first… Continue Reading “Unexpected”

Low Light Loveliness

In the past week, the wind has blown over twenty-five miles per hour for over twenty-four hours in a row. The rain has poured from the sky. Thunder boomed. Lightening filled the darkness with flashes of brilliance which – through one of the miracles… Continue Reading “Low Light Loveliness”

Lucky Encounter

Earlier this month, on one of the only sunny days, I saw a little bird perched in a scrub tree as I entered the upper pond lookout. I wasn’t sure if it was “just” a Song Sparrow. There are a lot of those birds… Continue Reading “Lucky Encounter”

Sing Like A Lark!

The Eastern Meadowlarks begin singing very early in Spring and they sing throughout the summer and early autumn. Typically, I see these birds on the ground where they hunt for grubs and insects. On occasion, I do see them in trees – often after… Continue Reading “Sing Like A Lark!”


Poor little Carolina Wren is getting a bit tousled by the intense wind as she clings to the branch of a small shrub and attempts to do a bit of preening. I’m happy to have captured these images. When I first saw movement in… Continue Reading “Disheveled”