They’re Looking At Houses!

I am absolutely thrill to see a Bluebird couple checking out a nest box. A few days ago I saw a male on the box, but not his mate.

I thoroughly enjoy watching them “apartment hunting.” The male checks out a possible nest box. He often stands on top singing. I have seen a male move from one box to another then another before he beckons his mate.

If she’s so inclined, the female will then show up to see if she approves. The male often enters the box as if to say, “see, Honey, isn’t it great?” All the while, the female puts on a bit of an aloof attitude. It’s as if she says, “you better check it all out before I go in there!”

If the female goes all the way in the box, it’s a big success.

I shot these photos this afternoon of a “look and see.” However, it didn’t appear to be an “OH we Must get it!” decision, as the female didn’t spend much time checking out the accommodations before she backed out and flew off.

I think the male is having to rethink what Wifie might want in a new home.

2 Comments on “They’re Looking At Houses!

  1. I have watched the bluebirds go from bird house to bird house in our yard checking for their suitable home to raise their family. Nice post.

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